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Hanging On In Herne Bay


Herne should you have never learned it, is the hunter. Herne the white hunter runs with the deer, his spear in his hand. The briar never stopped him. He’d just run through it. Just as today, inspired by a photo of a sign on a lamp post in Herne Bay I run through my memory to remember needs not being met, failing to find love, failure in love, the hope of love. All love hangs out from the lamp post in Herne Bay in summer time.And this tale of hanging is not dedicated to my one love.

Hanging On In Herne Bay

Hanging on,
hanging from a lamp post
Watching all the girls go by

Man who always
Wanted love
Gets no love

And still he’s hanging
Hanging on for signs
The winking of an eye

And the man
still wants love
Yearns for love

And still he’s hanging
Hanging he sees the
flicker of a smile

And the man is gone
The dream, the one
The happening

But still he’s hanging
Counting all the smiles
He never gave to
The eyes that never winked
Whilst standing
Just hanging
Watching, waiting
Wanting, wanting, yearning
Some how hanging, hoping

What he’d give for language
He knew his language
Couldn’t speak his language
Couldn’t get the words out
Couldn’t get the talk out
Couldn’t get the chat out

And so he just stayed hanging

Until the day
His ship sailed in
And at last
he got the chance to sink it

As the man went back to hanging

Damned and damning
In the loveless light
Of the lamp post
He hung out from
For the one thing
He thought could move him
Out from night
into the light
Of days bright

The promise of the stats
The promise of the way
The culture that he hung from
The family that he clung from
Societies he learned this song from

So still hanging
Inside singing
Hope his favoured mantra
Hopefulness in loveless times
Keeps him hanging
Hoping for the dating
Ending of all self hating
But if all he know was hanging….

Then hanging….
Hanging out
Is what this can be about

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