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Initial; Proof of Something


London underground 'quote of the day' poster

This one goes out to Anju Armstrong for the gift of a book – ‘A First Time For Everything’

A simple idea. A complex structure. A session in Cognitive Analytic Therapy. The questioning. The answering. The starting point. The arrival. The positioning. A line from the Bonzo’s to the Bonzo me. An aptitude for self mockery. Join me in my first session.


Turns out I’m a complex man
With simple Needs
Not a simple man
With complex needs
After all

Let’s go back to
Your childhood,
Your first word
How did you announce
yourself to the world

A triumphal trumpet sound
A nod to the arts I would follow
A call of recognition to my father
Early proof of stammering

And building on from this
Maybe a joining of words
A sentence, a catch phrase
Another clever, cutting cynical remark

Nice to see you it was not
Being no fan of Brucie’s inanities
A myriad of word minglers
Could never satisfy my needs

Maybe a movement towards silence
A statement about your art
A joke shared with Dada
A continuous stammer

I ain’t saying nothing
Nishta should be your reply
Laughter is the only constant answer
A simple need of a complex man
After all

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