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Initial – The Joke


Things I might never get away from; 1) an experience of disability, b) a social model approach to disability, c) a response through activism and advocacy. How many of us see our lives as nothing more than a joke, relegate our own status to that of a joke, find ourselves the target of a joke that is heard over and over, like the dead parrot sketch? We receive the blow of laughter. We recover and fight back. More rhymes of exhortation.

Initial – The Joke

I was my first joke
The way I walked
The way I talked
The laughter I provoked

I was my second joke
The way I breathed
Whilst old folk grieved (the boy)
Institutionalised at the Royal Oak

I was my third joke
The way I stammered
I’d get hammered
Laughed at, thumped and poked

I was my last joke
Anger activated
Justice advocated
When finally up I spoke

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