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Initial; Tooth Luck


Picture of some teeth
It’s the week of the broken promise budget and we are being told austerity is over whilst schools are being thrown peanuts, the police get nowt and universal credit remains. Meanwhile a book asks me to write about the first tooth I lost and enquires about how much the tooth fairy left me. As if I could remember this. But, I know this even magick gets drowsy in these times. So, a question for you to leave a response to below; ‘what magic are you lacking in your life?’

Initial; Tooth Luck

I’ve been wondering about the tooth fairy
How she coped with austerity
Did this night time molar host
Happen to give up the ghost
And leave our kids in poverty
Or was it someone else
A witchy woman
With a magic money tree
Hidden just for her to see
Not the likes of you and me
And certainly not the tooth fairy

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