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Invitation to Thrive


Were you there December 3rd 2020? International Day of Disabled People! Did you thrive at Thrive Aid?

I was lucky enough to be invited onto the Thrive Aid UK Committee with Trish Wheatley, Zoe Partington, Sue Elsgood and  Barbara Lisicki.

I committed to putting together some images and haikus. Michelle Baharier, Jane Curran, Ju Gosling and Wendy Young chipped in. Our focus was on the themes strength, resilience, pride, heritiage, inclusion, and independence.

I am inviting you to see our work below but before i do I’d also like to invite you to contribute your own words and images (in response to the 6 themes). Just send them in. Also and most importantly if there are any film makers out there who would like to help make these images work as an accessible film? Leave your details below if the answer is yes.


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