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Juice; Blame It On The Stone


From Yoko’s Ono’s Tape Piece I, an unnumbered page in Grapefruit given to a typo, requesting that I ‘tape a stone aging’. Through this instruction I become stone, stone from common ground, a stone that gets thrown round and round.

During my depressions i become as numb as stone. In retrospect, looking at the words, the meanings they imply I must have been feeling as useful as a stone or as useless to a thrower having been once thrown.

With much thanks to an internet dictionary and Kriss Krisstofferson for the title.

Blame It On The Stone

I am a stone slowly age-ing
Always staying much the same
Changed somewhat by occupation
Changed again through strains of time

Useful today when given function
Purposeless when cast aside
Planting seeds within a nut
A nut alone imagining seeds unsown

A stone set in stone or maybe not
A stone thats thrown, picked up again
Stone sets its face to match cold hearts
A stone removed a stone replaced

A cracked stone now turned stoney broke
A stone cold loser my latest fame
Stoned in life for all my failure
Stoned by drugs to east the pain

Stoned by those now full of virtue
Stone cut by glass, a class above
Stone thrown my state down on the ground
Where I rest at last beneath unnamed stone

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