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Juice – Easy Peasy


According to Yoko Ono’s Let’s Piece 1, 500 noses are more beautiful than one, 1 phone number recited by 200 people sounds better than related by 1 especially if they all say it at the same time. Yoko sends a simple word to be said in a city for 30 seconds and then calls on the world to say “yes”.

So, there’s a challenge being set. Sing something simple. School assemblies are now asked to say the following poem

Juice – Easy Peasy
Say with me
1, 2, 3
This is disability

Discrimination on the basis of impairment

Do you think it works?
Do you think it could work?
Could you say it any simpler?
Could you see it on a post card?
Is simple completely wrong even in this context?
What would you say?
How easy can you make it?

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