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Juice; Hit Head Bang Wall


A brick wallYoko’s Wall Piece to Orchestra says only; ‘Hit a wall with your head’. How many times have we done that. How many times have we said the same thing over and over again. There are two voices in this piece. The ones like me, like you, like us, who call for change, imagine a better world. Then in the third verse where the authorities, use our lines our meters, to pacify, soothe our sound. And then our voice returns.

Spend a minute to write down all those things you asked for, the things you are tired of asking for and the things you will require again. Write it like a movement.

Juice; Hit Head Bang Wall

Hit Head Bang Wall
There is no music like punk
For repetition
No future No Future
Want future, Want it, Future
Sing it, chant it, demand it,
Join in the unclear chorus
Sang by all birds
Singing for their supper

Hit head bang wall
You bring no music here punk
Just monotonous
No future No Future
Want future, Want it, Future
Call it, chant it, sloganise
The same old song sang so long
By wanabee Olivers’ pleading more

Hit head bang wall
Said it once heard it before
Imagine silence
No old chants, no old chants
Quiet shush, quiet shush, peacefulness
A world free of wanting much
From everyone
Settling for only this

Hit head bang wall
What is all this shouting for
Our music, our tune
A future, a future
Want it, future, want it
Scrawled on paper, and on walls
The same old song, still so strong
From you from me
What we have to fight for

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