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Juice: Inert then Active


In response to Yoko Ono’s Voice Piece for Soprano. Some people scream better than others, some for themselves and yet more for others. My preference was always to be still, be silent, safe and peaceful. I’ve lived in places where I was quiet to my peril and admonished when I screamed. My quietness became a sign of something different. A loss, a covered hurt, a concealed madness, a stagnating energy, a volcanic structure sometimes fit for bursting. Yet, I would speak, advocate, engage, be active. Yoko invites you to scream at the wind, the wall and the sky. I give you my three screams. Give me your three. Who would you find the will to scream at today?

Juice: Inert then Active

I will keep my counsel
Inter opinion
Throw away the keys
Defer my feelings
Until another day

And on that day I will scream
I will be loud
I’ll vent my rage
And have my say
Before I lock it all away

And when its locked
I won’t let it fester
Nor will I remember
And neither find forgiveness
Within my vaulted heart

And I will take no home
Accept no kind of refuge
Refuse every offered kindness
Refute any gilded memory
And slowly turn to stone

A stone that can’t be thrown
A pebble that can’t be dashed
A brick resistant to the fire
A rock that won’t be rolled
Until I turn again to find

A voice that’s fit for screaming
A thought that won’t be stilled
A voice that calls on the daft
To finally turn to hearing
A new idea to be aired

And I will be pragmatic
Accept a small improvement
Recognise a stated benefit
And turn to keep my counsel
Before another bout of screaming

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