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Juice; Mysteries


The latest read Piece for Orchestra by the indomitable Yoko seeks music from windows and stars. Strangely the instruction invokes a memory of heavy drug use. Please tell me what you think about the pic or poem below.

Juice; Mysteries

In summertime
He opens the windows
Plays Oye Como Va
To any passing stranger

Night enters
A balcony beckons
Deep electric blue
Polluted skies reject

All signs of life
And he feels pulled
Into the vortex
Thinking indeterminate

Thoughts caught between
Leaving and staying
If space lives
He lives too

If space sucks
He will be sucked
As far as he feels
Able to go

Floating safe
And unsafe careless
Amongst a calling
Breathless universe

He heard space
Does nothing but wave
He waves back
Not knowing who to

Not knowing direction
Tomorrow he will see
A yellow volkswagon
Standing straight and tall

And the illusion
The hallucination
Will have passed
Deep into a memory

Within a mind
Willing to recall
Moments wherein
He felt a kinship

A unity with
Everything that was
And ever will be
In time forever unquestioned

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