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Juice: On the Fiddle Again


Unison, unity, union. A single voice is a start but never enough. This is the lesson from the Grapefruit instruction, Let’s Piece 1. An opportunity for readers to post their favourite chants.

Juice: On the Fiddle Again

He scrapes the bow on the fiddle
Scraping his bow on the fiddle again
He looks for an eye to catch his own
He feels a song coming on soon
He’s got the tune, he knows the words
He wishes not to sing alone
Tapping feet impatiently on pavement
Looking for signs of recognition
What does it take to be heard in this town

A passerby catches his eye
Rocks to the beat of his impatient feet
Hears him scrape on the fiddle again
And walks on by

The song it won’t be heard now.
Not just yet, not here, not now
There has to be someone else
To hear, to sing, to go with the flow

Because its not the song that matters
It’s the change that it will bring
Sung for the people all in tatters
Its not for himself that he will sing

Another voice, another person, somewhere singing
Raises his hopes for a duet
Another voice, some other someone, some how singing
A Trio could be on the cards
Another voice, he hears her singing
A band, a group, perhaps a march
Another voice joins in the singing
Hear our sound grow louder still
Another voice urges others, join the singing
All in tune and all together now
One, two, three, four
Can we have a little more
Come on, come one, come each, come all
Join this band, the march, the singing
Let them know we want the change we’re bringing
Hear our voice and hear our singing
Bring the change the voice is bringing
And when the change is bought by singing
And all goes quiet, when he’s alone again
He’ll raise his bow and some how we all know
He’s on the fiddle again

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