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Lines on a forthcoming election – My Next Community Exercise


We are looking for 4 lines or more, preferably in rhyme, giving hopes, fears or couldn’t care less comments on the forthcoming election.

Your contributions will be read at our celebration of the International Day of Disabled People 2019 – ‘Under The Poet Tree REaD Rhymes Live’ at: The Foundry, 17 Oval Way, London SE11 5RR
6.30 – 9.00pm.
Sign up via Eventbrite

Featuring Richard Downes, Colin Hambrook, Clare Glynn-Chitan and Wendy Young

So to start…..

Liar, Liar. Pants on fire
Building stakes ever higher
Love to see you on the pyre
Long to join the goodbye choir
Another lie upon this flyer
Add it to the glowing fire
Donald Cummins was for hire
His dirty tactics really dire
Adding to the tory mire
Here’s a spark, electric wire
Liar, Liar. of you i tire

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Deborah Caulfield
5 months ago

They say let the people choose.
But what if we refused/downed tools/said go do your job.
And if they said excuse me/this is about you/it’s your call not ours.
We may say you’re a rotten bunch of time-wasting losers/I’m not voting for any of you.

Joe Turnbull
Joe Turnbull
5 months ago

I pray today, we’ll choose hope not hate
Fear’s vice-like grip still holds sway
The papers fuel the furnace to self immolate
But we have a chance at change, to grow and innovate

Wendy Young
5 months ago

This election is like a section … trivial pursuit pies entertainment vs history … rumble in the jungle Frazier vs Ali … Boris fuels wrath of rabbi but Jez got Sormzy

5 months ago

Desperate times
And desperate measures,
Austerity’s cut
Infrastructural treasures.

Not enough points
To be seen as valid.
Food banks being used
By people run ragged.

Services crumbling
Under all the strain.
Some get richer,
Others only know pain.

Please God, get them out,
In some sort of fashion.
We can’t take much more,
We need some compassion.

Ann Young
5 months ago

Hi guys, I emailed my poem to Richard before looking here… I think it fits the brief , hopefully you get my gist The full poem is too long to post here. Below are the first two verses: The cost of living is always rising As our natural world is slowly dying But the Human Race still cries out for more So, Whiggish Tories introduce their own Poor Law To eradicate those of us they label, ‘Useless Eaters’ And silence all the ‘benefit scroungers’ The lessons we should’ve learnt from our shared history Have taught us nothing about living with… Read more »

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