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Blog - Richard Downes

The Long Slow Death Of A Glorious Servant


News came through this week that the glorious servant who gave his soul to work mastered and unmastered is dying. Contractual time ticking by. We have reviewed his situation. All parties are keen to see him gone; at last.

The whirlpool
Spins above the table
Eddying papers far away
Threatening the in tray

He dream’t under anesthetic
Of being attacked by cabbages
Hurled down a typhoon
When the wind blew

And now it blows again
Hot and bothered
A sand storm
Stinging his eyes

He dream’t of snow
Wooden cabins on the tundra
Chased by grizzlies
He couldn’t stand on ice

And now the chase is on again
The sweat, the lather
The dry throat
The knowing of a claw

The heat of a desert
Where he stood alone, naked
Laughing like a loon
At the burning sun

And his table is clear now
The papers filed away
The room is left to silence
Mastered to extinction

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Shades of Reggie Perrin here -great opening image of the revolt of the ‘papers’, nicely rounded, mastered to extinction, no less…