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Love a guide poem for a festival

Bunch of strawberries

“Strawberries from florida” by Dudus Maximus is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I was due a return to the Arts Camp at Cambridge’s Strawberry Fayre. The theme for the year was love. Love is not my most concentrated theme. I needed to start putting things together. I decided to write a guide poem as a means to building a set. Then I found I had a health issue demanding priority. So, I cancelled the strawberries. As things turned out after tests, procedures assorted indignities I could have done it if I had the material and the only thing missing re material; was my lack of imagination re; the material I already had. I was being too pedantic

Love a guide poem for a festival

Love – Who do I love
Love – What do I love
Love – Where do I love
Love – What became of love

Love is hiding
Beneath a quilt
Below a pillow

Love pretends
To be real
To be sleeping

Love. Who do you ask?
I am monogamous
But remain open to loving some one
Remain open to loving something

Love appears seldom
In my poetry
In an acorn orbiting

Love appears to end
In Juice maybe
Between The hours of 5 and 8am

Love. What do I love
I love poetry
Here’s a line I loved

Love taking photographs
Picture this
A new found fish

Love. What is easier than who
The list goes on
Its expression never stopping

Love. Where do I love
I love here, inside
Tucked up inside my heart locker

Love. Where to love
In the kitchen of the heart
Warm, boiling, cooling down

Love. What became of love?
Why ask
Did it end for you

Love what became of love
Some flames went out
Some love died

Love. I ask where again
I look to my themes
To find love buried there

2nd December 2018

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