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In the Mean Time – Chapter 1


Don’t Mean Mean Time

There was an advert relating to mean time. Colliers Wood. I don’t know what it was for. It wasn’t for the meantime. It wasn’t what I saw. Adverts, Profit, money motive. Seems to be the law.There will be more to follow. Like jabs upon the jaw.

In The Mean Time – Chapter 1

They came by
In the mean time
Strong and stable
Painting ceilings blue

They punched out
In the mean time
Promoting economics
Hurting me and you

They kicked out
In the mean time
Peddling hatred
Its what they always do

They scratched eyes
In the Mean Time
Took the biggest share
We just watch their hue

Clawed and bit
In the mean time
Feeding a gross greed
We sup up their spew

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