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Mean Time


An abstraction of a poster on the tube. The poster is black. White text reads meantime. Below this hashtag #meantit

The first time i blogged about the mean time was the second time i’d written about the mean time. This is closer to the first time i wrote about the mean time. It came with this page. It said something about blue politics. It was shite. It wasn’t how I felt about the mean time. The mean time i feel churning away inside me, the response of hatred that lies deep inside occasionally surfacing to be felt.

So, i cleaned the page. And started to spew the mean time, to feel the love time, much better than not feel the most time. Today I spieled a third mean time. Giving rein to a voice and feeling it.

This one goes out to all the lovers who feel all the love in the world, who once knew the mean time. You’re beautiful. I love you and the way that you smile. Not all the while, not in the meantime. The mean time that remains unfinished.

Mean Time

When was the mean time
Why was it mean time
I look and search to remember mean time

Most days I talk more hate
Than love in the mean time

Some days I remember
Feeling the mean time

In the mean time
My hate goes out to loversn
My hate goes out to gurgling babies
My hate goes out to weekend daddies
My hate goes out to the middle classes
Especially the middle classes
My hate goes out to their chiffon and their cashmere
My hate goes out to the way they wear their style
My hate can list so many targets
Don’t get me started on my hate for professionals
The good ones and the bad ones
The qualified and those that never learned a word

My hate is fairly discriminate in the mean time
Never discriminating
No shit about protected characteristics
In the mean time if I stop and look and remember
In the mean time, inside my mean time
My hate is there, fully grounded in the mean time
And available for you if only for half a reason
To find my hate in the mean time

But don’t fret
Show no concern
I don’t need your love
Care or worry
I look back and I search to pinpoint
The basis for my hate in the mean time
My hate, my anger,
The beauty of my hate full feelings
Lives in the hate I found
The hate I took
The hate I burdened
The hate I pushed inside
Its there. Call it.
Bring it out into the mean time
Bring out the mean in the mean time
Bring out the spite, the sulk, the tear of the mean time

Be thankful for the brief time
I’m don’t live in the mean time
Be thankful that someone spoke some time
Of the love time
For the love time
Such a rare time
Wins me over from the mean time
When there is no mean time
That’s the love time
Free of mean time

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