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Signs; It May Be A Deli To You Mate


A response to a Southwold Deli. Language. Love it. Enjoy it. Let’s have fun. Reveal our eccentricities and inadequacies. Revolt against the politically correct. You’ve got to laugh haven’t you?

Posting this in the week that Liam Neeson chose to reveal he wanted to kill a black man, West Ham fans are up in hock for telling Mohammed Salah he’s probably a muslim and never knew his father. Posted in the season banana skins were thrown on the pitch again. Chelsea sang songs discriminating against the heritage of Tottenham Hotspur fans, when England fans were told to stop chanting anti-IRA songs.

Posted in another year of Brexit sowing division when we heard a decibel increase in the thunder of the extreme right. The Signs are that it  might only be a deli to you mate. Let me know the last time you were ‘supposed to be tickled’ by the eccentricities of our language???

Signs; It May Be A Deli To You Mate

It may be a deli to you mate
And it might only be named through fun
But to me its a chant to my heroes
From underneath the scoreboard
Woodman corner
To the right of the Brummie Road End
When Baggies attack the home end.

“It’s a nutter, he’s a corner
It’s a nutter he’s a corner”

Only ever chanted by me
Bent back and bellowing
Mad, creative, original
A million miles from
Match Of The Day’s stale punditry
Which everyone else repeats
On repeat, ad infinitum
Driving me bloody barmy
With the tedium of uniformity

Yeah it might only be the name of a deli to you mate
But its also an aspiration
For me and all the baggy chaps
Who claimed to be mad for it
Necking and popping and dancing
Energetically clearing dance floors
At Barbarellas and Birmingham boxes
Whose names I forget
Yeah!! We want to be mad don’t we.
We all chant “it’s a nutter, he’s a corner” don’t we

And it may only be a Southwold deli to you mate
Fun to be had with your mates. Mate
A pun to all cranks and health freaks
And it may be vegan and cheesy
But it still means something to me
Based on names and naming
And the roles I’ve been rolled-in to play
And the conditions I’ve conditioned myself into
And the damage I’ve allowed it to do
And I know I’ve been slow to reclaim it
But at the same time I have a need to be
More open, more honest, more me
And talk about pain and associations
Between one experience of impairment
And another and I guess I’m more ready
To come out and shout it

Well it may be a deli to you mate
But it means more than that to me
Its about a life time limiting illness
Segregation, seclusion, exclusion
The people i’ve known
The love thats grown
An ego lost and reclaimed
And yet it would seem
Its just a deli to you mate
Another nut on your plate to eat
But, its really about their love of hate mate
It’s the difference between you and me
It’s the difference between you and me
It’s the difference between you and me

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Deborah Caulfield

This is wonderful stuff, Rich. I absolutely love it.

I’ve long suffered in the gap between one thing and another, but ‘necking and popping and dancing energetically’? As if…