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Signs; The Letters We Write


Danners may remember the Colin Low Lecture; ‘Have Disability Rights Gone Too far’. I was reminded of it by the time I finished this poem. I was also put in mind of a social model expectation that a better world for us would be a better world for everyone.

Signs; The Letters We Write

Should the letters we write
Have their own post box
Blue, not red nor gold

Should the post box
Have its own mis-shape
Oval, not square nor round

Should the mis-shaping of our words
Be forever bold
Ariel, no seraphs nor italics

Should the boldness of our sound
Our demands, complaints
Shouted, be not timid nor quietly spoken

Should our demands put us first
Above all others
Protected, not tragedy nor medical modeled

Should we like all these others
Unfair, unequal
Discriminated against not special

Should we not require
The red post box
The round post box
The accessible font
The civil right
To be equal
To be fit for all our sisters and brothers

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