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Sitting on a pot of gold


Rainbow over a house

I saw a rainbow once. It pointed to a house. Who lived there? Was he rich? Would he use the money well?

Sitting on a pot of gold

Malchey is as sad a soul
As ever sat on a pot of gold
His expectations over ruled
By a fair assessment

Malchey chooses to sit things out
Wait for winter first to fade
Before giving social services
Time for seeing things his way

Sitting frozen to the spot
Cold with fear at being left
Alone with no one
His only friend today is boredom

Who will give him what he wants
A local room with people in a house
Something to do in the day time
Somewhere safe for sleeping

Malchy calls on the government
And governmental departments
Phones a solicitor for support
No one ever listens

This is my life, it’s what i want
Its all I hold great store by
A safety net in case I faint
Support workers I can put my trust in

Shared living, Supported living
Names granting hints of independence
A cultural change, an underfunded rage
Malchey prefers the institutional option

But look at this and look at words
And see a common solution
A room, a friend, support too
Everything in an agreed package

Hundreds of thousands put aside
A pot of gold for independent living
The rainbow shines on Malchey’s road
And Malchey, sad old soul, won’t accept the giving

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Deborah Caulfield

Brilliant! Some essential truths that get lost in amongst the raging ideological arguments, and fights for political control.