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The Challenge; 5 Random Words


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I am facilitating a poetry group at the Highgate Society on the first Monday of the month (6.30-8.30pm fact fans). It’s basically an open mic. But the group also decided to set a poetry challenge at each meeting. And these will make up my latest theme on the DAO blog.

The first challenge was called 5 random words. We took 5 random words from the poets. They were; cornucopia, phantasmagoria, embarrassment, kite and brick. The challenge was, and remains for readers of my DAO blog, to construct a poem out of the 5 words.

Some great stuff came back but I wasn’t enamoured with the first challenge so just left it at this:

Great Men
Give great words
Like cornucopia
Now with my embarrassment
At a height
Bricking it
I’ll go fly a kite.

Its nonsense of course and I know you the reader can do better. But, you just wait until Challenge 2. In the meantime, take the challenge, get involved.

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Ann Young

Quick attempt:

Moorland Close, Norwich

The middle classes live in proper glass houses
Set on immaculate lawns, all bought and paid for;
A semi-detached cornucopia of red bricked crescents
Where embarrassment is worshiped every Sunday, in the
Phantasmagoria church of England high up on Kett’s Hill
And red kites weave and dance against the low, evening sun
Before eventually coming home, to roost.

🙂 Thanks,

Ruth Hawe

An unexpected gush of excremental embarrassment,
flung kite-like skywardly
produces a phantasmagorical cornucopia of shadowy light
pebble dashing the brickwork
of acceptable behaviour