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The Challenge; Dreams and Wishes


from my Outside In gallery

Blue Collar, White Collar. Class War. Comrades bleed on the factory floor. The dead remain sat typing at their desks. I am put in mind of the Highgate Society Poetry Group’s monthly challenge (this one being for March 2019). I take a walk to walk off my blues, return to my place for sitting and jot down a new tune.

Dreams and Wishes

At the last moment the zone appears
In all its glory with integrity compromised
By the same old sad song of revenge taken
In the name of insignificant patronage

Interference interfering with memories of
Words softened and manipulated
To distract from the heaviness of instruction
From administrations looking to nanny

Compromising dreams and wishes destroyed
In the face of a clock ticking, friendship appears
Offering the solace of realistic support
Anger raising and dissipating slow like sunset

Yet a savage wind keeps howling outside
When best to stay warm inside away from warfare
Through old mud trenches that keep appearing
Drawing towards waters reflecting barren land

An absence of birdsong always worrying
Within a workshop where the sound of Nails
Banging poison into the bark of the tall tree
The blue tits ran from envisioning woodcutters

Leaving nothing but left overs scrambled for
In a warlike situation which is never won
Or lost, by winners winning or losers losing
On a battlefield that had no reason to be there

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Dominique Jones
Dominique Jones
8 days ago

Powerful and desolate – like life itself sometimes. Thank god for Slapton Sands 🙂

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