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The Challenge; Festivities


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December’s challenge from the Highgate Society’s Poetry Group was to do a poem on the festivities. I looked back through the prism of time and remembered my time involved in the first DPAC action on the Housing Emergency.

The Challenge; Festivities

A nativity scene
A Norwegian tree
Trafalgar Square
DPAC announce
Emergency Housing Crisis
Stephen Lee Hodgkins is Joseph
Eleanor Lisney is not ashamed
To be lead by a donkey
As she is Mary for a day
And we are all merry
Merry christmas everybody
Merry from the streets
Merry from the dampness
Merry from the darkness
Merry from the eternal story
Being forever the same
Merry homelessness
Merry locked in homes
Merry protestors protesting
In a merry picketline
Demanding Housing
Housing for Disabled people
Housing that is accessible
Housing that is adaptable
Housing that is affordable
The meaning of carol
I’m told is dance
Watch us dance our way
Merrily homeward.

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