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The Challenge; Grandad


The Highgate Society Poets set a challenge to write about a grandparent or as they put it; a grandma, grandpa or grand other.

The Challenge; Grandad

The head of my clan
Was a tic tac man
Careless with his shop
He’d sooner be off
To the gee gees
Or Perry Barr dogs
Waving fingers
Placing odds
Taking the workers wages

The head of my clan
Had no family plan
Careless with his cock
He’d be on then off
Breeding uncles
and mouthy aunties
with kids to be fed
or another one dead
He’d need those workers wages

The head of my clan
Had married my nan
Created sons and
One too many daughters
On the course
He would hustle
On the farms he would rustle
And damage the farmers wages

The head of my clan
Was no fancy dan
He did what he did
When he did it
With a grin
And a smile
No thoughts for a while
He didn’t do stuff in planned stages

The head of my clan
Was a well loved man
There’s not a lot more
left for me to say
He may have left us with now’t
He was good to us kids
Though facing the skids
By frittering away his wages

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5 months ago

Love it. Now I know where my grandad’s wages went!

Richard Downes
5 months ago
Reply to  Crippen

don’t hold me accountable for his debts though…… there’s millions of us now

Wendy Young
Wendy Young
5 months ago

Witty inciteful expression of a cheeky chappie! Did you learn tic tac? Hard for Gran but gem for a poetry man.

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