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The Challenge; Message To A Son


November’s Challenge from the Highgate Society’s Poetry Group, which meets on the first monday of the month, was to respond to two themes; 1) who do you think you are and 2) in praise of vandals. Traveling by train from Pallant House, Chicester, where I was contributing to a Share Art event I wrote;

Message To A Son

How do you see yourself
Standing as you are
In a plush art deco building
Shouting out what you’re about
As if someone is listening
Like no one no where ever heard it all before

Get your hair cut
Have a shave
Every time you deign to reign
Across my decrepit threshold
Shame! Shame! Shame!
Otherwise nothing stays the same

Who do you think you are
An angel?
No oil painting that’s for sure
No better than you should be
A no one
A no number son
A time has come, move on, move on

The son he stops
Takes it in again
Waiting for a rage to strike
Waiting as if a vandal at her gate
She’s his mom
The only one
Is it time? Should he go? Why so slow?

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