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The Challenge; The Men Who Wear Green Socks


The challenge from the Highgate Society Poetry Group placed in September to be read in October 2019 is ‘Characters(s). Real or Imagined. Men in the group were seen to be wearing green socks

The Challenge; The Men with Green Socks

The men wearing green socks
Never seek to be less good
Than they are

Unlike the man
In a red shirt
Pulling on black trousers

His choice of colours
codified unnoticed
What more do they need to know

The men wearing green socks
Have goodness defined by
Qualification, practice and commitment

Whilst he a lazy gardener
Sits in a deckchair
Casting seed carelessly

Hoping that some will take
Germinate and grow
He would be digging that

A tall green blade
That chose life for itself
Chose to listen and learn

Chose to provide camouflage
For the life time achievements
Of the men who wear green socks

Those same men who wear green socks
Look at him sitting there
With doubt, with kindness and affection

They recognise
He could not be like them even if he tried
A man wearing green socks

6th September 2019

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