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The Daily Shell Fish


The Daily Shell Fish is a corruption of the Daily Selfish that Keith Bray mocks me with as I project my current arts project into virtual space.

Its simple. Its primitive. It depends on a) zoom, b) colour, contrast and cropping as provided by free Shotwell software and b) an ongoing juvenile pursuit of rock and roll.

Here are some pics. Let me know what you think. Your mentoring is important and interesting to me.

A little guy that lives in a blue world is from the Blue series.

The picture is of sand and sea weed manipulated to look blue. I used zoom to put my screaming face into it.

The word and the colour blue interests me. Blue is boring and depressing though hopefully not here.

I have used my poetry to descry blue as the primary colour for crips. Blue badges, the international sign for crip is regularly  shown on a blue background.

Tories are the blues as is Chelsea FC. Is it just me or do you
have a problem with blue too.

All that matters is the beautiful life from the beautiful series.

The Daily Selfie is a challenge for me. I spent a great amount of time in my life thinking i was ugly. My stammer distorted my appearance. People found it hard to accept me. Before I knew better I thought it had to do with how i looked. I internalised my ugliness and haven’t quite mastered losing it. Mirrors don’t hold any glamour for me so the Daily Selfie challenges me first and foremost but is also a challenge to others to see me in spit of their prejudices.

People have said this has an african feel to it. That I look noble. I am primitive enough to accept the accidental as valuable.

Another in the beautiful series, ‘All the beautiful people shining like diamonds’, what a great line. Wish I had collected my references. Google eh?

It reminds me that on several of my selfies it is hard to see me or hard to see the text of the songs I am stealing from.

This fits in with a desire not to be seen, a desire to make it hard to see me. If the abusers cannot see me they cannot harm me.

I compromise access for my own purposes. I can get snidey when challenged on this. I make decisions for myself. I have control over what is and what isn’t revealed.

‘So Free Now’ from the Daily Selfies Free series. Free was my second series. The word was chosen as a crip word. I am fairly happy with this series. I like the vibrant colours. I like that the imported file called on me to move around more to place myself where I wanted to be in the picture. An action shot in many ways. Active processes. Active words. The action behind having to move.

These pictures will not be new to my facebook followers who have seen a lot more of them. I would like to thank them for their enjoyment and their willingness to play with me whilst contructing the works. Tony Beckington, Bushey Kelly, Christopher Mangen, Wendy Young, and the aforementioned Keith…. you all must eat golden peaches. Thank you.

DAO readers feel free to join in the fun.

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