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The Rules of the Realm


The Realm is turning into a landscape that we make for ourselves. Yesterday I recorded some key words for me as if a poem. The words were instruction words. We were thinking about an entrance to the Realm. Involving viewers in an action that needed to be taken during the start of a journey. Whilst I was sleeping I was reminiscing about a friend who once said to me; “i heard a joke. Be alert. Your country needs lerts. I just don’t get it”. I said; “Well be aware. Your country needs wares”. He didn’t get that either. In my sleep I started putting the joke together with the instructions and developed an idea for the rules of the Realm, individual instructions that may but did not reappear throughout the Realm.

The Rules of the Realm

Enter the Realm
Be a lert to all old and new jokes

Follow all instructions
Be a ware; like all inedible products

Look into those who look out at you
Be a round following the art arc set out

Listen for the orders you give to yourself
Be a bacus like gods drinking wine

Disguise the voices you are hearing
Be taking a back the surprise you are feeling

Hide and find the hidden sign
Be a band on good form not grumpy

Tunnel into and through your own imagination
Be taking a baft to your childhood play

A maze; always take the right hand turn
Or else be a bagnail fraudulently claiming the left side

Find yourself in the sanctuary
Be a bout in the landscape reflected in the boating lakes

Perform the upstroke when going down or through
Be a ba jo ke learn a new language

Lie down as an when you want to
Be a balone muscling gently in on new territories

Colour it REaD like a poem said
But don’t be a base as you are worth more

Project your understanding into the realm
But don’t be a bashed by ignorance because this is the base of learning

Type or scribe the answers to your riddle
Be a bask in the sunshine of the Realm’s new day

Raise your souls high to be the best you can be
Be a bare sock made of wool tinted like a rainbow

Dawdle, take time, as if life itself depended on slowness
Be a bating, less stressed in the universe

Activate the musician’s soul you hear singing
Be a braxis satanic to your own tune winging and exit

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