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Thrive Aid – A New Video


You may have already seen the haigas (haiku with images) we presented as a contribution to Thrive Aid – an international event in support of disabled artists during the pandemic.

I offered a film to the organisers in Philadelphia but didn’t have the skills to pull it off myself so just sent the haigas at the last minute. Philly cobbled something together for the event and the film was seen but as someone once said; ‘you can please some of the people some of the time. You can’t please all the people all the time’. 

So in the spirit of collaboration and learning I took back control and shared the images with Michelle Baharier aka Madness Mumbles aka @dyslexicrant. Michelle took on many issues, inconsistent file size, dealing with copyright issues, speed of film. I just sat back and waited and we now have a film we can share with DAO readers.

I feel we are still learning and the film may fly by too quickly so you might want to use pause to feel the full value of the haigas. Some of the words and some of the images are well worth spending more time with as are the poets/spoken word artists appearing here; Michelle Barharier, Jane Curran, Richard Downes, Ju Gosling and Wendy Young.

You may also start thinking about sending in your own haigas for inclusion in this years Thrive Aid. It may happen and this time we may be more ready for it. Just one rule. All haigas have to be landscape. No portraits. Also consider access to the words. It is good if people can see them. But, I sometimes do haigas where i want people to struggle to see the words. Access versus personal feelings and need for disguise.

The software i use to get the text onto the image is freely available here; You can also play with text and text colour here.

Here’s the film. Enjoy.

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Vicki Landers
Vicki Landers
1 day ago

This looks great Richard! Thank you again for your contribution to Thrive Aid. The pieces look beautiful altogether. I look forward to seeing what we can all come up with for this year! Lead on!

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