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Valentine’s Routine

family photograph

Two standing women, holding pieces of paper with hearts on them and a seated man smile at the camera

This is a two hander. Bean replies to every verse. To hear her answers you need to see a perfomance of the piece. Needless to say the way its structured she’ll get the last word.

Valentine’s Routine

You don’t love me
You wanna see me work
You get the hump
When you see me shirk
You want to use me up
All the hours in my life
You’re my big, bad, bossy, bully wife

You don’t love me
You hate to see me read
A cleaner, duster
This is what you need
You always use me up
This is the cause of strife
You’re still my big, bad, bossy, bully wife

Ok love me
The loving man I am
For all my faults
Never give a damn
Use me as you use me
Every day of my life
Remain always my big, bad, brilliant wife

15th January 2019

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Wendy Young
2 months ago
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