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Walls. Fences, Bridges


Ask anyone.

I photograph trees.

Less well known I photograph walls and fences.

They fascinate me.

Make me question.

I built my own walls.

I lived inside fences.

I stepped outside both into new worlds by mending bridges.



Walls. Fences, Bridges

Walls. What are they there for
To keep in or keep out
To make a record
Of what is mine, what is theirs
Low walls, high walls, mind walls
Possession or sanity protected
Kept in prisoners, Kept in patients
Kept in sentimental attachments
Defining place, covering space

Fences. Much the same purpose
Build ’em high, Barb them. Spike them.
Keep us out. Keep us in
Define the line, decide on residency
Construct a label to find a value
A worth to you a price for me
A suck up to society
Convalesce. Rehabilitate
Those recidivist sick
Us fellow travellers visiting

Bridges. Yet more lines
But these some how easier to cross
A bridge not too far
A space between two sides
Built at last to accommodate
Those you designate more useful
More desirable than before
Less discriminated against
More included than some still want
But moving. Moving on

24th July 2019

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