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Whose Values Do We Value? We Value Our Own


I’ve been sitting on this for a while. Dame Louise Casey said; “But we also need more of a spirit of unity, compassion and kindness that brings people together under our common British values of tolerance, democracy, equality and respect.”

Eleanor Lisney discussed it on Facebook. I contributed some of the thoughts below and left them on one side. Last week we triggered article 50, heard May’s complacent rhetoric and listened to David Mowat MP saying “our families will meet our care needs”… Time to bring the thinking out.

Whose Values Do We Value. We Value Our Own
They call our oppression ‘tolerance’
We tolerate their oppression

They call our freedom ‘institutionalisation’
We live in prisons and dream of freedom

They call our democracy ‘leadership’ from the unelected
We elect to lead our own lives and feel them squandered

They call our respect and the rule of law – the removal of our rights
We just turn the other cheek and do what we’re told

Their British values are not for us. British values are for others
Others in our British history have told us so, shown us so, enforced it so

They lead the country, we lead protest, we lead revolution
Our lives are changing now, our values loose and fresh

Their face may be austere and pressurising
But inside we are reborn and inside ever-smiling

We call for change, the call is for ‘independence’
Independence from their pride in British values
Independence in our lives.

Independent – so let’s start living.

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Joe Turnbull

Great poem Rich! Stirs the anger inside and makes me want to get out in the streets and start shouting!

Rebecca Stell

In other words “British values ” or “Aren’t you glad _you_ live in a democracy dear?” when I tried to talk to my elderly friend about benefit cuts, stigma, harassment, social services bullying, the ‘At Risk Register’ policy for parents with impairments, the CPS refusal to take cases involving disabled or mentally il victims but willingness to prosecute DWP’s trumped up fraud charges through the same CPS. Well. Um. No. Since you ask.