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Loving Music Hating Racism

Photo of singer Zara Sykes on a stage swamped in blue and red light

Zara Sykes on stage

As I said in a previous blog I write and perform for LMHR (Love Music Hate Racism) and was fortunate to meet and subsequently get to know Basil Gabiddon from Steel Pulse – a stalwart of the Raggae scene. He is a Brummie Legend who was at the forefront of Stand up to Racism in the 1970’s and he is still there at the vanguard of LMHR today. His music is still vibrant and as ageless as he is himself.

While working in LMHR I’ve met some rock legends like Basil. At the other end of the scale I’ve met some budding new Birmingham talent. No-one demonstrates this more than Zara Sykes, let me mark your card, she is destined to be a mega star of the very near future, a true diva.

Others performed and where equally brilliant. Kioko headlined the event bringing the night to a spectacular end with their uniquely special fusion of rock and reggae.

I would like to give a special mention to Alan Kurly Mcgeachie who not only performed as rapper, but also organised the even alongside other members of Birmingham Stand up to Racism, Sharon Campion and Bridget Parsons.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the purpose of the event, not only was it a great night of music and poetry, but it had a strong political message.

Racism is endemic of hatred which spreads through all sections of society destroying thousands of people’s lives, it must be confronted and brought down wherever it raises its ugly head. On 26 January we raised money to buy tickets to get people down to London for the March Against Racism on 17 March

If you can I urge you to join me and 1000’s more on that day, on that march.

The Creation of a Star

Zara as ever, I am a disciple
Your career is taking flight
Your star is rising

As you started to sing
You took centre stage
The audience belonged to you
The crowd is captured
By your enormous energy
Your positive message
Your powerful personality
You blossomed from
A star for tomorrow
Into a diva for today

Sykes takes to the sky
You are a colossal shining light of hope
In a world of dread and despair
May our star burn bright forever
As we bask in your light

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