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Shadowlight Artists news October 2017


It has been a very busy time for the Shadowlight Artists over the last couple of months. As well as having two group planning meetings, each individual artist has started work on their new individual projects. Sara Lowes from Modern Art Oxford attended the September meeting as she is giving the group curatorial input.

Shadowlight Artists September 2017 meeting with Sara Lowes from Modern Art Oxford

Shadowlight Artists September 2017 meeting

Lucy Skuce has been constructing a large sash window installation piece. Next month she will be shooting herself in front of a green screen, and then with support of project Creative Lead Chris Oakley, she will insert herself into a virtual room she has designed. This will be back projected onto the window structure, so visitors to the gallery can watch her inside her virtual room which is full of items important to her.

Lucy Skuce of Shadowlight Artists working on her installation at Film Oxford

Lucy Skuce working on her installation

Lucy Skuce, work in progress, installation under construction

Lucy Skuce, work in progress.

Danny Smith has had several planning meetings with Roly Carline, who is at the Royal Academy and makes interdisciplinary work individually and collectively that covers most media, including painting, sculpture, film and performance. Roly is supporting Danny to achieve his Pagan God dance project which he plans to film at a waterfall in wales.
Danny also has had some more good news, one of his earlier films “Time for a Change”, which is a documentary about his life, was recently screened at Sprout Festival in Minnesota, USA.

Tom Breach, has had a one planning day on his animation project with Chris Oakley and has prepared storyboards for the animation he is creating.

Mark Hemsworth is sorting his many thousands of photographs for his large scale photo-collages he plans to create. He has also had one shoot for the accompanying film he is creating with support from artist Naomi Morris.

Mark Hemsworth of Shadowlight Artists based at Film Oxford taking photographs in Chiltern Hills near Turville

Mark Hemsworth taking photographs

Richard Hunt is working with Sonia Boue who is an autistic artist specialising in object work, painting, installation, video and performance. Sonia is supporting Richard to create an installation piece involving decorated cobble stones and video projection, (also with support from Chris Oakley). Richard is currently focussing on decorating the stones at Sonia’s studio in Oxford.

Richard Hunt and Sonia Boue starining Richard's individual Shadowlight artists project at Sonia's Studio.

Richard Hunt and Sonia Boue

Russell Highsmith is continuing to write his full length stage play based on his own experiences. He is getting feedback and advice on his play as he writes it from Oxford playwright Mark Ralph Bowman, and they have regular planning meetings at Film Oxford.

Russell Highsmith of Shadowlight Artists, Theatre Play Script meeting with Mark Ralph-Bowman at Film Oxford

Another bit of group news is that their film L.R.R.H was screened at the ROAR disability festival in Oxford on the 1st September. Danny, Tom and Mark went along to represent the group.

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Nick Lewis
4 years ago

How can I get involved? I am physically disabled, and am a member of three artistic groups in Eynsham.

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