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Baadmowfin announces a new era for social care – Greenwich Mean Time


Bristol’s Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) are protesting decisions made by their local council concerning disabled people, but without consultation with the disabled people it will impact upon. Council cuts to social care are imminent, attached to rhetoric about it being about creating better services. not cost savings, so same old story the whole country over.

We used to have a slogan that went ‘Nothing about us without us!’ which seems to have faded into the background somewhat. Baadmowfin’s cartoon presents us with a new slogan to replace this – ‘Consult not insult!’ carries a similar message

I for one look forward to seeing more of Baadmowfin’s work, especially addressing those issues that continue to create those barriers within society that disable us.

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3 months ago

Great to see such a talented cartoonist appear on the scene. More power to your pen Baadmowfin!

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