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Happy New Year, from DAO to our community


This isn’t a blog about New Year’s resolutions or how I’m going to fail to keep them. It’s simply a thank you and a small request. Thank you to our loyal Disability Arts Online community of readers, artists, and bloggers. Thank you to the first-time readers or contributors who are considering signing up to the weekly mailing list or joining the Facebook group and getting more involved. Disability Arts Online would be nothing without the artists making the work and the people enjoying and talking about the art.

Viewfinder screengrab

Our new Viewfinder video platform is open for beta testing

Now, we genuinely need your help, and I’m not asking for money this time! We need you to give your honest feedback about Disability Arts Online, as an arts organisation and online journal via our 2017 Audience Survey. This will help us to develop our plans for the future, make improvements and celebrate our success. These are all crucial elements in making the organisation work better for you and achieve funding success to enable that to happen.

As well as delivering relevant, quality content about arts and culture from a disability perspective, we will be working in many partnerships over the course of 2017 to extend our reach to new audiences and open up awareness about disabled artists across the UK and beyond. The first step is the quiet launch of Viewfinder, a new video platform, in beta testing. I say quiet because we are inviting you, our regular readers, to take a look around, watch the playlists and then feedback via the survey.

We are hoping to develop this platform as a place where the disability label flies under the radar (as opposed to Disability Arts Online where we tend to be loud and proud) to instigate a wider conversation and awareness about socially engaged practice by artists from all backgrounds. By creating themed collections, specific playlists and commissioning new work, we hope to provide a platform where you can find new artists to provoke new ways of thinking and offer different perspectives and stories.

The best way you can support us to keep supporting you as a member of the Disability Arts Online community, is to take a look at our main website, take a look at Viewfinder and then complete our survey. There’s even a £50 online voucher prize draw to enter as a thank you for making the effort to support us. You have until 30 January  2017 to take part.

The survey is hosted by survey monkey. If this is not accessible for you, please contact me via email, phone or text 07766760980 and I will personally make other arrangements for you to participate.

Wishing you a creative, fulfilling, healthy and prosperous new year.

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