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A Very Queer Nazi Faust: shroud for Paul Reekie

Spray painted fabric telling the story of Paul Reekie's death

Shroud dedicated to Paul Reekie

I’m making DWP Shrouds as giant pages from Faust’s book. They get hung out one by one throughout A Very Queer Nazi Faust, until the stage full of them, then the auditorium, and then the garden on the way out. All are 6′ x 4′ spray paint on fabric.

Order! Order! Detain them Sergeant!
We must have Order!
This House welcomes the newly elected Leader of the Opposition, Mr John Faust.

FAUST (Stands on chair. Speaker hands him white paper.)
Thank you Mr Speaker.
I’d like to ask the Prime Minister a question sent to me by Paul.
I’d like to, but Paul is dead. The DWP considered Paul
to have such severe mental health problems
there was no prospect of Paul being able to work.
Yet Paul was sanctioned, effectively,
for not being able to open his own post.
A pile of brown envelopes
lay next to Paul’s body and note.
Under this Government, the disabled are labelled
the low-hanging-fruit, easy pickings, cut, cut, cut!
This Government knew Paul couldn’t cope,
yet people like Paul are dying every day
despite report after report after report!
And what are the Right Honourable Members
opposite doing about this cruel and criminal sport?
Nothing! Why not? (CAST Baaa! Baaa!)
One can only conclude that the deaths will continue
because Death is what this Government wants! (CAST Mooo! Mooo! Uproar.)

Order! Order! (Chaos, Parliament swept away. Another burst of Benny Hill as we clear away chairs.)

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