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Art of Norwich ’46

Photo of artist Vince Laws with his head through a painted panel resembling Munch's painting The Scream

Vince Screams

Long time no blog. I needed a break from recording every intervention. I wanted to spend time doing art rather than writing about it. I’ve written a brand new draft of a poetry comic, A Very Queer Nazi Faust, and I’ve been oil painting and really enjoying it.

I see the last blog I did was about the Black Triangle Film – a harrowing piece of work, no wonder I needed a break after that – which has just been selected for the Shape Open exhibition to be held at the Ecology Pavilion, in Mile End, London from 19 January to 2 February, 2017. More on that nearer the time.

Before that I’m showing some oil paintings in Norwich. There are sunflowers and dogs and trees and roses and Trump and 4 protest paintings.

I made a 5m wide banner DEAD PEOPLE DON’T CLAIM in September, and it was hung from Grapes Hill bridge in Norwich, then seen outside the Maximus offices in Norwich, and then draped across the front of the stage at punk rock band Shock ! Hazard’s gig at The Waterfront in Norwich. I’ve painted the banner in all 3 places, and imagined it hanging from the Queen’s balcony in painting number 4.

The banner and 4 protest paintings popped up in Birmingham during the Tory Party conference in October. I have photos of Ken Loach breathing over at least 2 of them!

I’ll be showing all 4 DPAC protest paintings and lots of other oil paintings at ‘Art of Norwich 46’, St Margaret’s Church of Art, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich, NR2 4AQ.

Painting of the Royal Family above a banner which reads 'Your majesty, your govenrment are killing your subjects. Please stop them. Disabled People Against the Cuts

DPAC Protest Painting. Image @ Vince Laws

The launch is on Sunday 11th Dec from 7.30-9.30pm, everyone welcome, it’s free, there are lots of other artists on display too. There’ll be music and song, and I’m doing a few poems. Then the church is open daily 12-24 December, 10am-5pm, ramps and small thresholds, wheelchair accessible toilet.

DPAC Protest: Carry On Screaming. Image © Vince Laws

DPAC Protest: Carry On Screaming. Image © Vince Laws

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Gail Nicol Smith
Gail Nicol Smith
3 years ago

Can you send one to the Scottish Parliament please, your message needs to be said loud and clear

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