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Pimp My Winter Unicorn!

Excuse this cut and paste missive, but I wanted to tell you about this event and life keeps getting in the way! Saturday 30 November 2019! Art, Activism, Fun, Stalls, Performers! For the People, By the People, The First Social & Fundraiser for Pimp My Unicorn 2020 Saturday 30 November 2019 at Christchurch Centre, Magdalen Road, Norwich NR3 4LA Parking right outside. Check ...

Pimp My Unicorn! 

With Norwich Pride only 50 days away, it is sad to report that the annual Pride Without Prejudice art show has had to be cancelled due to a lack of bookings. Dismayed at this news I have booked the whole of St Margaret’s Church of Art on St Benedict’s Street in Norwich and intend to fill ...

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