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Norwich Pride awaits the next installment of A Very Queer Nazi Faust

brilliantly coloured stenciled poster for A Very Queer Nazi Faust

A Very Queer Nazi Faust

My live happening, A Very Queer Nazi Faust, is being performed at Norwich Pride 2017 as follows…

“The best theatre production you’ll see all year! Telling the sad story that faces so many of our most vulnerable citizens with fantastic wit and compelling drama.” Lewis Martin

Monday 24 July 2017: Act 1 at 8pm at the Launch of Pride Without Prejudice art show at St Margaret’s. 30 minutes. Free!

Acts 1 & 2, the whole show, at 4pm on Saturday 29 July in the Norwich Pride Big Tent, on Chapelfield Gardens. 1 hour. Free!

Friday 4 August: Act 2 at 8pm at the Pride Without Prejudice Closing Party at St Margaret’s. 30 minutes. Free!

You can find out more on the Pride Without Prejudice FB page on Vince Laws FB page or the Norwich Pride website.

Feedback following performance at Dandifest Launch in April:

‘Dramatic and hard hitting. A visual and sensory feast with a strong and very topical message that hits hard.’ Nick O’Brien
“Shines a light on the brutality of the Tory Government and the British state culling disabled people who they view as surplus to their profit obsessed, self interest, tax avoiding enrichment programme for the rich…” Mark Harrison
“Innovative fearless & funny!” Trudy Howson LGBT Poet Laureate
“Yeah, was quite powerful stuff, made me appreciate why people go to see plays.” Andrew Ward
“Disapointing as were no Nazi’s in it.” Poppy Rose
“”Fearless storytelling. The performance in the church, especially, reminded me that theatre began in churches in England . And if ever we needed miracle plays, today is the time. Great writing. Great delivery. And never have chains been worn so stylishly.” Dugald Ferguson
“Great fun and important messages but a lack of Stahlhelme!”  Sue Tebble
“Mesmerising and captivating. Overflowing with passion and a powerful message delivered by beautiful people. Can’t wait to see the next instalment.”
“I loved it ❤️ Jan McLachlan total star ⭐️ well written , totally got it 👍 left me wanting more”
“Devilishly Good!” Lucifer
Very powerful. Will have you laughing, crying. laughing, crying. Bring your own hanky! Ann Nicholls
“This is an incredible production which I am proud to be involved in. It’s going to get people thinking about important key messages including those around mental health and disability cuts, and this is shown in a very creative way. Community theatre at its best!” David Mills – Helen of Troy

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