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A Very Queer Nazi Faust Awarded Unlimited Funding!

black and white photo of Jan McLachlan as Lucifer and Vince Laws as John Faust,

Jan McLachlan as Lucifer and Vince Laws as John Faust, photo by Ann Nicholls.

A Very Queer Nazi Faust is an experimental participatory performance created by Norfolk-based poet, artist, and disability rights campaigner, Vince Laws. Funded on a shoestring, starring 13 local legends and the DEAD PEOPLE DON”T CLAIM banner, the piece was performed at Norwich LGBT+ Pride in 2017 to great acclaim. Now, with support from Unlimited, there will be participatory workshops at Silver Road Community Centre in central Norwich during summer 2018.

Poet John Faust is suicidal. His benefits have been stopped without warning, the bailiffs are due to evict him, his dog is in the vets dying, his car needs a new clutch, and he can’t finish his poetic masterpiece while the voices inside his head torment him. In despair, John throws himself off Beeston Bump, Norfolk’s highest peak, clutching ‘The Tragic True Life & Deserved Death of a Benefit Scrounger by Himself’, but Lucifer won’t let him drown because she loves his book and wants a bigger part.

A Very Queer Nazi Faust highlights the plight of disabled people under the current Tory government, described as ‘economic murder’ in the British Medical Journal, and as ‘a human catastrophe’ by the United Nations. The performance contains adult themes and language, suicidal thoughts, Lucifer, The Naked Abseilers and poetry, but no Nazis. Unlimited support will enable text projections by Andrew Day for greater accessibility, and a soundscape created by Dandelion Snowley.

“I deal with fluctuating health due to HIV, depression, and anxiety, and I know how much creative activity helps me,” said Vince. “You don’t need to be queer or disabled to take part, but people with disabilities are encouraged to get involved. Workshops / rehearsals take place every Sunday afternoon / evening from June, culminating in a performance at Norwich Arts Centre in September, as the official launch party of Norfolk Disability Pride & Independent Living Event 2018. Bravo!”

The workshops and performance may be photographed, filmed and live-streamed.

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Spirit of 2012. If you need help to take part, let Vince know, he’ll do his best to make it happen.

Contact for more details.

Norwich Arts Centre performance on Weds 12 Sept 2018.
Tickets: £6.66

Review: The Norwich Radical magazine.

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