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A Very Queer Nazi Faust gathers momentum…

A collage of images for the front cover of a book. "Ian Duncan Smith dies on every page.

Cover of ‘The Damnable True Life & Deserved Death of a Benefit Scrounger by John Faust’ by Vince Laws

Reminder… Working as an independent poet, artist and campaigner, I’m going to make the following happen in 2017.

A Very Queer Nazi Faust is an experimental participatory theatre project. It’s to celebrate 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, and to highlight the plight of disabled people under the current government. You don’t need to be queer or disabled to take part, however disabled people are actively encouraged to take part.

Throughout February I’ll be posting a daily update on A Very Queer Nazi Faust FB page and calling out for participants and asking for £10 donations in return for an email copy of the script and notes. I’m currently unfunded, but that may change as the project moves forward. I will cut my cloth accordingly. Product placement opportunities abound, speak to Lucifer!

I’m looking for people who want to get involved, directors, actors, singers, signers, dancers, magicians, choirs, flashmobs, umbrella holders, comedians, scenery wavers, admin helpers, drag kings and queens, project assistants, film makers, whatever. The people who want to take part, and the skills they have, will help shape the performance.

Day 26. Possible Props & Costumes collected from 4 corners of Liberty Hall ready for set/costume designer’s visit! Maddie’s been and we’ve worked out music and sounds for the Dandifest performance on April 25th. Performers, don’t worry, it’s going to be fun and easy and fabulous. We’re doing the first 15 minutes or so, up to where Faust signs the contract.

DAY 25. Faust refuses to speak to the BBC, CNN, or the EDP, but will be talking exclusively to Jules on Pride Live on Future Radio on Monday evening about A Very Queer Nazi Faust! Exclusive track from the happening: ‘Are you mad yet?’

Day 24. Props. So far I’ve found 100 painted tin lids. 50 Umbrellas of Love. 3 Flumes of PVC. A rainbow hammock. A large easel. And a 100 magic fish. Here are the Umbrellas of Love at the Commonwealth Gaymes!

Day 23. What do you want – blood?!

Day 22. I’m redrafting the script adding in an awesome splash of Mozart recorded by a friend’s choir, thank you. The whole cast gets to sing A Drop of Nelson’s Blood, wouldn’t do us any harm, aha, led by Maddi on accordion! I’m adapting it so we can read it out of the book as we perform it on Tuesday 25 April, it’s not meant to be difficult! If you want a part, hurry up, I’m casting and directing in my head right now… anyone want to dance? do magic? abseil nude?

Day 21. Started getting the soundtrack together. Been asking people I know for permission to use their music. The choir track is stunning. Made my neck go all prickly…

Day 20
UPDATE: About 20 people involved so far… We’re going to meet up in March. We’ll get to meet up, have a chat, and have a read through of the script with everybody. A work-in-progress performance will happen at the launch party of Dandifest 2017, on the evening of Tuesday 25 April.


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