Artist Presentations

a series of seven portraits of artists

Disability Arts Online responded to the unprecedented situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, with the announcement of a commissions pot for disabled artists. One strand of that commissions pot is a series of Artist Presentations. The Artists’ Presentations are running every other Wednesday at 3pm from 27 May – 30 September lasting around 30 minutes, followed by a live Q&A element. They will be available to watch via Disability Arts Online’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each talk will be captioned. We currently don’t have the budget to BSL interpret the talks, but we are seeking additional funding to support this.

All of the Artist Presentations will be available to watch after the event on our YouTube channel and are included as a playlist below.


Full list of Artist Presentations:

Jamie Hale: Borrowing Time: Reading AIDS Literature in a Time of Pandemic

Jana Manuelpillai: Insight into the Noble Sage

Liz Bentley: Psychotherapist by Day/Comedian by Night

Sasha Callaghan: Cut. Paste. Layer. Cut. Paste. Layer. Attach: The Subversive History of Collage

Ellen Renton: Poetic Vision

Chas De Swiet: The Electric Violin

Verity Lane: Dyslexia, Language, Music & Art

Amelia Cavallo: The Radical Potential of Integrated Audio Description

Tom Chimiak: Working with Autism

Holly Norcop: #MediaStorm