Covid Commissions: Open Commissions

A square illustration on a white background of a microphone stand, a laptop on a coffee table, a camera on a stand and a set of headphones. Black writing reads: Covid Commissions. The O's are replaced by illustrations of covid molecules.

In March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Disability Arts Online launched a series of Covid Commissions for disabled artists working across any art form. The programme has multiple strands, with one being ‘Open Commissions’ – which, as the name suggests, could be anything, so long as it could be experienced online. For the 2020 edition of Covid Commissions, this included a podcast about first wave disabled feminists, a panel discussion about alternative arts organisational structures, a video portrait from a painter’s studio, a private play which can be experienced in your own home, a series of geologically inspired digital artworks which adapted readers’ photographs and a theatre-writing workshop, amongst others.

This page collects all of the Open Commissions into one place.