Crippen – offering an opportunity for disabled cartoonists!


cartoon portraitDave Lupton, aka Crippen, the UK’s leading Disability cartoonist, is the only cartoonist whose work spans 30 years of changing social and political attitudes to disability. He produces cartoons which engage with the politics of disability, exploring this through the lens of the Social Model of Disability, portraying all-too-recognisable experiences and attitudes through witty and sharp illustrations.

His cartoons highlight how most disabling barriers are created by society and not the impairment, and confronts those who hold these disabling views. Many of his cartoons explicitly attack attitudes to disability and disabled people held by the charity sector.

Lupton has been commissioned to produce cartoons by several organisations such as; the BBC, Channel 4, the Guardian, the Disability Rights Commission, the Labour Party, the Disability Trades Union Alliance and the House of Lords. His cartoons have been featured in various publications including; Disability Now, Disability Arts Online, BBC Ouch and the Direct Action Network e- magazine. Chair of the National Union of Journalists Disabled Members Council for several years, Lupton has also worked with many groups and organisations of Disabled people in both an advisory and artistic capacity.

Dave Lupton, aka Crippen disabled cartoonist, has been blogging on Disability Arts Online since the early 2000s. More recently we’ve commissioned a series of articles from him about his work in the run-up to a mentoring opportunity he is offering to disabled cartoonists.

He is offering to share over 30 years of experience as a disabled cartoonist with other disabled artists via Skype. He wishes to mentor up to three disabled cartoonists, in partnership with DAO who are planning to commission work emerging from this opportunity.

Below you will find a number of articles about Dave Lupton’s work, including an interview with him, telling of why he is now offering this mentorship.