Curation and the disability perspective

Text-based artwork

DAO aims to publish editorial that deepens engagement on specific issues. At DAO we have a sense that the visual arts is lagging behind the performing arts in terms of the level of impact disability arts practitioners have had on the sector.

When work by disabled artists or disability arts organisations is shown in mainstream galleries, it is still the case that the work is often relegated to education rooms, or curated in terms of community engagement. Disability arts just isn’t taken seriously as an artform in its own right, with serious concerns around embodiment and normative culture that affect society and in turn disabled people.

We want to support a discussion around visual arts and curatorial practices and to that end are commissioning an ongoing series of pieces that provide an opportunity for reflection on how things are and what needs to change in order for disabled artists to find opportunities and to work on a level playing field with their non-disabled peers.

To further this work Disability Arts Online has been developing partnerships to produce conversations about Curation and the Disability Perspective. The first of these was hosted at MAC, Birmingham on Friday 23 Nov 2018 and the second was hosted by Equalities Works at the Foundry, Oval on Thursday 9 January 2020.

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