Disabled and D/deaf arts criticism

Portrait of Sandra Alland

In a series of four in-depth features, writer, artist and critic Sandra Alland examines the idea of ‘quality’ in relation to the marginalised artist. All pieces include audio versions. Part 3 includes British Sign Language (BSL) video, with captions and/or voice-over.

The series examines the purpose of arts criticism and how it relates to the experiences of disabled, D/deaf, neurodivergent, BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic), working class, trans and/or LGBQ writers/artists.

Part One dissects what’s happening (and not happening) for marginalised people in publishing.

Part Two analyses reviews of Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back (Nine Arches, 2017) – co-edited by Alland, Khairani Barokka and Daniel Sluman – as a case study for how ‘identity-based’ art is critiqued.

Part Three discusses reviews of D/deaf artists, with additional BSL commentary from deaf writer and performer, Bea Webster.

Part Four highlights trends in disabled and D/deaf arts criticism, focusing on interviews with artists working in various media.