Dolly Sen’s Guest Editorship

Dolly Sen poses as Nelson with floppy ears and with paws forward

Mad writer, artist, performer and filmmaker Dolly Sen is guest editing Disability Arts Online during August and September 2018.

Dolly’s unique, anarchic brand of humour and Mad politics expressed through her artwork, poetry, film and prose have been gracing the virtual pages of DAO ever since we reviewed her mad memoir The World Is Full of Laughter and she first began posting to our journal way back in July 2008.

Dolly Sen says:

“I leave no sanity in my brain overnight. What little I do carry has been held hostage by the Disability Arts Online (DAO) team. In return, I have to guest edit DAO for the next few weeks. I have Stockinghole Syndrome (I can’t afford to go to Stockholm) so have said yes.”

“I hope to bring to the website new names, a review written by a dog, stuff around humour, protest and mental health. Here’s to a summer of sunshine and shenanigans. I may be released sooner if I drive the team up the wall”

On this page you will find all of the articles commissioned (or written) by Dolly during her guest editorship.