Lisette Auton’s Guest Editorship

Lisette Auton looking up

Guest Editing Disability Arts Online from December 2018 to February 2019 is disabled artist, writer, spoken word performer and creative practitioner Lisette Auton.

She trained as an actor and then disability came along. She didn’t realise you could be an artist AND disabled, so she went into hiding. For over a decade. 2017 was a turning point of discovering Disability Arts and learning to be proud, claiming the title of disabled and being artistic once more.

Lisette says:

“I intended to give a platform for Northern emerging artists – new voices dispelling the ‘it’s grim up North’ myth. What I hadn’t intended to feel was so proud. I’ve mentored and nurtured exceptional new writers, most of whom are taking the plunge into first writing credits, but also best of all, from questions of “Am I? Can I?” to full on proud fuck yes claiming Disability Arts. Seeing my journey mirrored in those artists makes me know that the fight we still need to fight is in safe hands.

There is a wealth of talent up here, we are not just flat caps and whippets, we are extraordinary artists making extraordinary work in an extraordinary place. I’m a proud Northern disabled artist bringing you the best we have to offer. Come for a visit, you may never want to leave…”

Go to Lisette Auton’s website for details of her practice