Angryfish AKA Robin Surgeoner, is a musician, a songwriter, a poet and a storyteller, arts and empowerment trainer, and Paralympic Gold Medallist swimmer.

Having played in bands, gigged throughout the UK, and travelled the world through sport, Robin has brought all of his worldly education into the creation of Angryfish the artist, and Angryfish Arts and Empowerment Training, in January 2001.

The last 20 years have seen Angryfish deliver performances, create new material, and conduct arts training and creative development initiatives, across a huge range of participants, audiences and locations.

This has ranged from the writing through to performance of a one-man musical play, to the creation of a series of bio-graphical composite digital murals, detailing the lives of a cohort of Disabled People called ‘See Me as I Am’.

Along the way, Angryfish has worked with numerous organisations, including Authors Abroad, delivering creative writing training in schools, DaDaFest in creating and delivering the Strategic Touring Project, Arts and Disability Northern Ireland providing artist mentoring and performances, and DASH bringing Access support to other Disabled Artists in the process of ACE applications, to name but a few…

Since March 2020, and the advent of COVID Angryfish has re-directed itself to creating online content including: Presenting Together! TV, curating poetry film collections for the Commonwealth Games Arts Programme, producing new songs and spoken word.

Currently in the final throws of having an accessible studio built to enable working with Artists both in person, as allowed, and remotely, and in the beginnings of a new ACE funded project called Contradictions, Angryfish is ready to take on more challenges.

So, if you want Singer Songwriter performance, song and creative writing workshops, poetry readings, PA and sound engineering, small scale recording, presenting, organisational development, and more ten Angryfish is the Artist for you!