Artistas Diversos (Diverse Artists) is a project of the European Institute for Diversity Management

“Art does not recognise Disability”.

It was on this premise, that the founders of the Artistas Diversos created their platform to give visibility to the works of artists whose difference does not prevent them from having great artistic talent that must be valued and widely made known.

Artistas Diversos promote the social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities through art, around the world. They aim to improve quality of life and enhance the talent of artists with disabilities.

Artistas Diversas provides an online exhibition space, and accessible library and auditorium.

Join the world of Diverse Artists:

  • Send us your work if you are an artist – painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance, theatre
  • Let’s establish a collaboration if it is an entity involved with art or disability
  • Let’s develop projects together to give value to your organization
  • Sponsor this charity project if you share its goals
  • Join our team of volunteers if you like the project